Our feature list and server information

Welcome !!

We are glad to see you visit our website!!.
Please enjoy our one page functionality web-page, Register, Downlaod, Read new's , only with scrolling mice pulley

Wish to see you all online within the official launch
The server is resetted and updated so you can download it and get ready for it!
The client is updated, in order not missing any update you have enough time to redownload latest client! for you are best experiance

Best regards, iKalOnline team you'll guys are welcome

iKalOnline: The Remake v2 server futures list -

Starting with G24/33 gear,
Based on last engine
Low rate server
4 Character's
Max Grade 90 (not available in drop this days)
Special and unique Blessing of Guild
New Guild war system based on old CW
New Custom CoronaVirus event
Perfect party blessing
New assassin system with little honor gift's
ASSASSIN Command's - /ramp or /rampname - showing a notice and call players to ramp
Fully working skillbook's
Fully working Honor NPC with special item's inside
Fully working hanin essence's
F10 With party registration option or solo registration - so would no one miss it
Easy to use F1 system to move around town's.
New and unique vote reward system, vote box with 4-Grades of boxes inside
New shop coin npc with special item's
New golden coin npc with special item's
New fishing system with fishing coing collecting to craft buff's
New daily quest’s
New storyline quest’s (assosiated with group boss killing)
New droprate calculation for perfect balance
Fully working 3rd job skill's
Nirvana system
Amulets by grade's and level limitation's
New Buff scroll quest's G2 and G3
Blessing Fairy up to level 55
Accessorie's by quest G60/G70/G80
Riding system - (NO Stats bonus)
Pet system with Picking/Healing ability - (NO Stats bonus)
Active and Friendly GM's
And much more!



News before the Official
We got some Progress!

- Starting pack has been changed to G24 gear + G33 weapon
- Low monsters (all monsters up to Devil Troops) drop has Changed / Added G32/G37 also G32+10 See droplist
- Highland area adjusted to level 50 (Classic old school) with G50/53 drop's
- D2 has customized - Level limitation 50
- E-Mok/VoD area's are currently disabled, will be added in the future within the progress.
Best regards, iKalOnline team.

Second PVP testing Beta
We got some Progress!

- Skill's damage has been reworked and fixed, (Increased, decreased.) - See discord for more information
- Job changing button's for Mage as been fixed.
- Vote box reward parentage as been customized.
- Official launch at 30th Apr, 18:00 server time
Best regards, iKalOnline team.

We got some Progress!

- New job change NPC's
- Fixed Amulet's level limitation to 70.
- Fixed TRI buff's level limitation to 70.
- Riding pet's has been fixed.

We got some Progress!

From now on updateds that over 15MB will be added to 'Manual Update' link in website
- Dungeon 4 EXP has been fully reworked and customized for level's 60~80
- Drop customized as well.
- Whole D3 monster got exp adjust from F1 to F9
- Doggebi Lord's drop rate has been added to the server
- Emok area EXP adjusted from certain monster's,
- Personal Twisted guards of Emoogi has been disabled,
- Full working EMOK boss. (INT Like)
- Wolf's, Bear's, Boars and that SH**Y monsters has been removed

We got some Progress!
With this update we made a huge step forward.
We improved our client to the latest file's to maximize our protection!
-New Golden coin NPC.
-New Shop Coin NPC.
-Little fix's for DC NPC.
-Skill's fixes.
-Quest fixes.
-MD5 Checksum activated.
-Costumes fixes.
-Per&Riding fixes.

*Full update logs added to discord server. Best wishes iKalOnline team.

We got some Progress!
Merchant NPC has been updated.
Added Ring/Belt
Decreased the prices for certain Scrolls
Donation NPC has beed updated.
Pimping scroll's fixed.
Emok Cert fixed.
3RD Jobchanger fixed.
*20 Elements of each required to complete the quest.

We got some Progress!
New temp-fort Fishing area
New crafting menu's
Ride Crafting is available to be crafted.
Crafting Coin's can be found at Wooden Boxes only.
Crafting with Fish are now available.
Can craft TRI-Color and other buff's by fishes and Fishing Coin's

We got some Progress!
New temp-fort Fishing area
New crafting menu's
Ride Crafting is available to be crafted.
Crafting Coin's can be found at Wooden Boxes only.
Crafting with Fish are now available.
Can craft TRI-Color and other buff's by fishes and Fishing Coin's

Beta Day1
We got some Progress!
Full KalCash scroll's has been added to Merchant NPC.
Minor Security fixes.
Vote for DC Increased to 150 for each vote.
Deleted "Devil" Monster respawn outside villages.
We got some Progress!
Unique Vote reward system, new & usfull Shop Coin reward npc, Special Coronavirus blessing manager!
Vote box reward with randon gift.
Shop coin NPC with many KalCash item's.
Coronavirus Blessing event by player's.
We got some Progress!
Rework on whole scrolbooks, all of them found working perfectly.
3RD Job skilltree has been fully reworked INT like cooldown, DMG Decreased in PVP&PVE (no 1hit lure kill).
Elements required to be collected to change job.
We got some Progress!
Unique Daily & story line quest's has been added!
Daily quest for EXP and Honor reward.
Storyline quest's for Crafting metirials and special items.
We got some Progress!
Unique and never seen before system's has been added
Guild Blessing Buff
ASSASSIN Honor reward with new commands
GuildWar with Honor point and different reward for winning guild, aliance & losing guild as well!
We got some Progress!
EXP and Droprate reworked (Lowrated) to provide real Longterm server
New own files
As we saw that there are not success run with not own files, we built a full new files with self coded Core based on 2017 release for best performance!
Server Entered under Maintenance status.
After the last run we decided to go maintenance and and rework on files
WE ARE GLAD TO ANNOUNCE -- Official server launch tomorrow ( 25th Mar 2020 , at 17:00 )
Get ready for that! you already can register & download
Please be aware of downloading the Manual Update and paste it onto client!! after doing this launch "iKalOnline.exe" Launcher for short update
You'll are welcome, iKalOnline Team!
Special Coronavirus EVENT have been added to the server, which contain -
*Blessing On by players (donating an antidote to event manager)
*Special gift's by collecting Active Virus item's to help lab research
and much more to see!! you'll like it GOOD LUCK
Manual update has been added in download section, Server databases has been restored
Drop and EXP rates has been recalculated, updated and improved.
We've made some change’s to make it more fun for you to play ! Adjusted the experience and the drop in D1,D2,D3,D4. Adjusted the experience and drop rate outside of Fort, COP and all the cities. Adjusted the Graphic’s of item’s . Changed some Skill’s graphic’s. Added new Guide’s NPC’s to help you and make it easier for you. Added new Event Quest’s for you to earn new item’s . Have a good day ! Stay tuned with us !
We have decided to design and build an very OWN New easy to use website for the server, you cn find whole information about the server and stay tuned for any update, Register, Download, See rank in full page view, very easy to use control panel and much more!!.
Hey guy’s I’m glad to see you all here, it’s IkalOnline The Remake v2 ! We've been with you all these year’s the decided to come back for another journey ! Right now we’re working on the client file’s to bring you all the new, balanced, fair, and fun gameplay. The Exp is and the drop is going to be modified per level and area, to make you enjoy the game at it most! Stay tuned with us !




Maintenance time:
Every Tuesday at 09:00-10:30AM

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Droplist can be changed from time to time, so you can follow it over here.

Area Possible drop
Outside Villages/Temp-Fort
Lower monster's
Armor's - G32/G32+10
Weapon's - G37+1
Outside Temporary Fort
Devil Forest
Armor's - G42
Weapon's - G40
Dungeon 1Armor's - G46
Weapon's - G45/48
Enchant's - ToP's ToW's & ToI's
Dungeon 2Armor's - G50
Weapon's - G50/53
Enchant's - ToP's ToW's & ToI's
Dungeon 3Floor 1-3 - Armor's - G50
Weapon's - G50/53
Floor 3-6 - Armor's - G50/55
Weapon's - G53/56
Floor 7+ - Armor's - G55
Weapon's - G59
Enchant's - All of kind
KalCash item's
Dungeon 4Floor 1-3 - Armor's - G50
Weapon's - G50/53/56
Floor 4+ - Armor's G55
Weapon's - G59
Enchant's - All of kind
KalCash item's
HighlandArmor's - G50
Weapon's - G50/53
Enchant's - All of kind
Forest of Element'sArmor's - G50/55
Weapon's - G50/53/56/59
Enchant's - All of kind
EMOKSection 1 -Armor's - G50
Weapon's - G53/56
Section 2 -Armor's - G55
Weapon's - G59
Enchant's - All of kind
Tower of PriestFloor 1-3 - Armor's - G55
Weapon's - G56/59
Floor 4-6 - Armor's - G55
Weapon's - G59
Floor 7-9 - Armor's G55
Weapon's - G59
Enchant's - All of kind
KalCash item's
Vellay of DevahComing soon...
Dungeon 6Coming soon...

Bosses Possible drop
Doggebi LordArmor's - G60
Weapon's - G62
Demon QueenArmor's - No Gear drop
Weapon's - G65
Thusand year's Old E-moogi DragonArmor's G65
Weapon's - G70
Tower of Priest - Element Master'sSide Part's - G65
VoD Quest
Tower of Priest - I'lyerArmor's G70
Weapon's - G75


Please read accept and follow our server rules.